Career Oriented Coaching

Right from Schooling Narayana offers strong foundation and promises best subject Knowledge enhancement with different methodologies of foundation &implementation for all the Medical & Engineering streams related Competitive courses & entrance enaminations.

Narayana gives global edge to every student through International Olympiads
  • Develops life skills like Communication & Interpersonal skills.
  • Decision making and critical thinking.
  • Self-management.
  • Leadership qualities.
  • Language empowerment

E-Techno Programme

Welcome To Narayana E-Techno Schools (VI To X)

Narayana e-TECHNO Schools provide an academic synergy of career-foundation and life skill development, seeking to create innovators of the future. Established in 2008, with 208 branches in the country, the institution offers quality education to over one lakh students enrolled from standard VI to X. This encourages us to constantly evolve impeccable educational training by imparting creative thinking and communication skills in a stress-free learning environment, among aspiring engineers and medical professionals of the contemporary world.

Our conceptualizations of integrated syllabi for pure science courses and decentralized teacher training method have gained traction over the years and enjoy renewed appreciation today, following Narayana’s performance in competitive exams over 37 years.

With special emphasis on good performance and selection in competitive examinations at State, National and International level, Narayana e-TECHNO Schools believe in pioneering new trends in the areas of technology, innovation and research. The amicable ambience and use of audio visual media supports an objective approach towards concept-oriented thinking in our students, counseled and guided regularly by our dedicated faculty. The mutually significant trio of subject knowledge, conceptual skills and personal competencies are given utmost priority, in creating global leaders of tomorrow.

Exclusive Programme Designed To Crack JEE And MEDICAL ENTRANCE Exams At NATIONAL LEVEL.
  • Integrated syllabus with Research Oriented Audio – Visual teaching.
  • Common schedules Common teaching, Common Examinations and Common Analysis
  • Special Focus on Mathematics and Science Olympiads.
  • Critical Approach to Problem Solving Skills.
  • CDF Programme to strength the fundamentals
  • Error list programmes to rectify the mistakes made in the weekly tests
  • Practicals with well furnished lab facility in Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
  • Edutainment through weekly activities and Projects
  • Activities through Video Conference across the State.
  • Exclusive Clubs for extempore building.
  • Leap Programmes inculcated with English lab activities enrich communication skills.
  • Grooming Talent through Robin age Monthly Magazine
  • Frenzy events and celebrations
  • e-diary facility for parents

Unique Features-1

Unique Features-2