Narayana E-Champs

Narayana e-champsis the primary section of Narayana Group of Schools established in 2006, with an aim of guiding young minds to tread the path of curiosity and confidence.

e – champs curriculum enables the child to grow on multiple dimensions making them open minded, caring and ethical individuals.
Why E-Champs?

e-champs has a group of educators who are committed to make learning a Joy of experience.

Academic Diligence

Curriculum On Par With International Standards

As per the NCF (National Curriculum Framework), we adhere to NCERT norms following CBSE curriculum.

  • Well-framed micro schedules for scholastic and co-scholastic areas.
  • Experienced teachers who employ child-centered holistic teaching methods.
  • Creative Teaching & Learning Materials (TLMs) to strengthen sensorial learning, fine and gross motor skills.
  • Higher order thinking is suitably coupled with academic aptitude enrichment where reasoning, logical ability and analytical skills are enriched.
  • Conveying ability training in Soft skills and effective communication ( Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills).
  • Fun-filled productive activities for creative expression of thoughts.
  • e-projects and audio-visual interactions, which equip e-champs to be tech-savvy individuals.
  • Enhancement of life skills like self awareness, problem-solving, social etiquette, interpersonal relationships, empathy and team work.

Academic Enrichment

The Following Kaleidoscopic Hand On Study Materials Takes Care Of Multifaceted Development In Our E-Champs Students
  • Moxie booklets: to reinforce academic concepts
  • Academic-Aptitude booklets: to strengthen high order thinking.
  • 'Boogie-Woogie' booklets: to fostering learning through fun-filled activities
  • Abacus booklets: to Hone math skills.
  • Project booklets: to Nurture scientific outlook
  • Grammar books: to bring language comprehension to the forefront.
  • Monthly Robinage magazine: to Showcase innate talents of e-champs
  • NTOP Study Material: Special emphasis for competitive exams

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)
  • Teachers at Narayana e-champs evaluate the child’s body of work and daily classroom activities, recording each development on categorized progress charts.
  • They comprehensively recognize different milestones achieved through the process, especially to identify the student’s area of interest, and create a portfolio for regular appraisal of his or her overall performance.
The Following Are Specific Formative And Summative Assessments That We Undertake Under Our Evaluation Method:
  • Activity-based assessments for identification of varied interest areas.
  • Performance assessments through task-based performance.
  • Objective-type tests for basic language structure.
  • Group performance assessments through objective-type tests.
  • Comprehension and memory skills through dictation tests.
  • Individual and group project assessments for team-work and harmony.
  • English Language Lab assessments for vocabulary building and pronunciation.
  • Narayana Target Olympiad programme (N-TOP) that prepare students for future competitive examinations.
  • Reward-based system that encourages positive behaviours in accepting challenges.

Unique Features

  • School Ambience
  • Uniformity across branches
  • Media Literacy(VCAN)
  • Events and Clubs
  • Contests
  • Events
  • Encouraging awards
  • Partnering with parents